Talent Innovations 2


Talent Innovation, Creation,
& Coaching

Create a brand. Be unique. Be the best version of you. Every pageant contestant has heard that advice.

It’s never been more true:

Vermont 2 copy.jpg

Miss Vermont 2015 performed a science experiment onstage and won a Non-Finalist Talent award.

Colorado 2 copy.jpg

Miss Colorado 2015 delivered a monologue on nursing, placed 2nd RU, and won $10,000 from Ellen Degeneres.

kira 2 copy.jpg

Miss New York 2014 sang while cross-legged with a red solo cup and won Miss America.


What do all three of these women have in common?


They created brand around themselves using a unique talent that emerged from their personal story and passion. They chose to perform something that was tailored to their unique skills, platforms, and ambitions, and were rewarded for it. They used their 90 seconds to convey to the audience and judges what made them remarkable and memorable.


As the Producer and Choreographer of the Miss California and Miss California’s Outstanding Teen pageants for the last six years, I have watched hundreds of contestants sing the same songs, imitate dances, and even wear costumes that uncannily resemble what’s already been seen. But the winning strategy is anything but following old trends. Miss America material is showing yourself as leader, not a follower. The talent competition is your best onstage shot at making a lasting, inspiring impression.

I will help you seize your opportunity to stand out through the talent competition with originality and charisma. Using my four step process, I will help you brand yourself and elevate your talent into something unforgettable.



Why did you choose your platform?  What are your dreams and hobbies? What are all of your talents? What do you want to do for talent? What is your ability level? What is your favorite type of music? What are your goals for your years as a titleholder? Who are you? Whatever you can tell me, I want to know.  What makes you relatable? Are you obsessed with chocolate? What makes you unique? I’ll evaluate if I am the right person to help you. If I think we will be a good team, we move forward.

Step 2

I provide initial ideas and receive your feedback on concept and music. We explore our options and pull them together into one coherent vision. Plans are put into motion for things such as recording or editing music, ordering props, and gathering costume measurements, etc. to prepare for our

Step 3

We meet. We create.
Here is where the magic happens. We put everything on its feet and breathe life into your routine. What do we think? Did I capture you in this piece? Can you sell it? Is it well organized?  Time will be limited in the studio so it is important that we come in prepared and ready to work.

A one time check-up is included in my rate. Send me a video of your progress and I will set up an appointment for over the phone feedback and discussion. I will assist you in maintaining the talent you have learned.

Step 4